In our website you can find a collection of javascript tickers for content scroliing.

We offer both horizontal and vertical ticker, as you can see in our products page.

The content is either server site generated or it is read from RSS feeds or CSV stock quotes feed - for the stock quotes ticker.

The scrollers are built using JavaScript, PHP and CSS. JavaScript is used for text rotation, CSS for customization (fonts, colors, border etc) and PHP for content generation. All tickers are tested on latest versions of the most popular web browsers.

In order to integrate this tickers into your website you must have minimal JavaScript or/and PHP or/and CSS knowledge, but we are offering full email support for installation and customization.

All tickers can be easily customized for fonts, colors, size and speed. Some offer more flexibility, like separator, backgound image etc.

Currently we are providing these ticker scripts:

Commercial Scripts